Binghamite is a rare stone.  It is also called silkstone and cuyunite and is a type of agate stone found only on the Cuyuna iron range in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. The formation of the stone occurs near deposits of iron ore.  Mining in the area uncovered deposits of the stone, but since mining operations were discontinued in the area many years ago, the stone has become fairly rare and is sought after by lapidarists and gem collectors. The stone has areas that are highly chatoyant similar to pietersite or tiger's eye. It is a variety of quartz with fibers of goethite or hematite usually in colors of red, gold, and black.  When the stone's pattern is arranged in level lines it is called silkstone.  This pretty piece is a free form, meaning it isn't on a setting and showcases the stone itself very well.  It measures 7/8" wide by 1 1/4" tall and comes on an 20" stainless steel chain.  



C52 - Binghamite


    Though agates are hardy, durable stones, the best method for cleaning is to simply wipe with a dry soft cloth.  If it's exceptionally dirty, you can wipe with some water but be sure to dry the stone and all jewelry settings thoroughly before storing or wearing.  Remove jewelry before playing sports or any other activity leading to perspiration.  It is also best to avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat.


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