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Glenn has always had a love for rocks.  Since he was a young boy, he always would pick up rocks that looked interesting to him.  But he would just keep them and that was it for years.   Glenn became a fire captain soon after high school and has been one for 34 years.  For a long time, he worked that job, as well as another part time job and had no time to take the love for rocks any further.  Then him and Laura met and married in 2009.  They soon discovered that they both had a passion for the beauty of rocks and the outdoors.  It all started when they were on a trip to Arizona and stopped at the side of a road on the way to stretch their legs and happened to stop in a place that is know for it's rocks.  So they started looking around and found some really awesome rocks. Every time they take a trip to Arizona now, which is often, they always stop at that same special place and collect more rocks.
Then, in 2017, their next door neighbor encouraged them to join the San Diego Lapidary Society, which they did.  They found a new love for enjoying the beauty of rocks by creating cabochons, which is what the stones, once carved into a shape, is called.  While Glenn no longer works the second job, but is still a fire captain, he still is away from home for 24 hour shifts, and unable to get the San Diego Lapidary Society as often as he likes.  Since they really enjoy making the cabochons, they decided to purchase a lapidary machine and create a lapidary room at home so that Glenn can be able to work on stuff when he is home. Once the lapidary room was together, and since Laura is a stay at home mom, she decided to start making necklaces to sell.  That is what ultimately led to the creation of G&L Rockin' Rocks.  Glenn loves fire agate and right now, that is what he is focused on making.  He occasionally has a fire agate necklace for sale.  When he finally retires, he will be able to dedicate a lot more time to G&L Rockin' Rocks.   Glenn helps Laura when he can with the necklaces by cutting the basic shape out of the stone for her to grind and polish or putting together the necklaces.  He is able to sometimes get a necklace, besides fire agate, completed and those will be available when he does.  


We offer shipping anywhere in the United States for a flat rate box rate of $7.20

At this time, we are not shipping internationally.


For in stock items, shipping will be sent 1-2 business days from ordering.  Custom work, depending on the difficulty, is typically 1-2 week turn around.


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